Contact the BRICKBOX Mason

Before you email me, READ what is below. I will NOT answer emails if your answer is listed below.

Can you make a LEGO wedding cake for me? How much are they?

See the ordering information page for details and instructions.

I want you to make something for me that no one has ever made before. Can you do that?


Will you do that?

It depends. Custom works starts at $150, and increases from there depending on time involved, design complexity, size, and deadline. If the image is copyrighted, you need to own the copyright or I cannot build the design for you. Keep in mind this does not include shipping. That is a completely separate cost.

Please remember that I have a full time job (not building LEGO sculptures unfortunately), so I need to budget my time accordingly to my other commitments (mainly, my family).

Do you glue your creations?

No, and I will not. Do not ask. It's not worth the risk of poisoning myself to glue LEGO together. The LEGO creations come pre-built, and if they're big, modularized, and are packed very carefully.

Do you make instructions for your kits?

Usually no. However, there are exceptions to the rule. For the dog figures, there are instructions. These are only sold as kits to a particular dog rescue organization. They buy the kits from me for relatively low cost due to their good cause (I have two rescue dogs, so this is something I strongly believe in).

Otherwise, it's rare I'll make instructions. If I do, it's for something small I'll release it to the public. Check out the the instructions page.

Do you sell everything you make?

No, I get more pleasure from building and creating than I do from selling. There are creations I've made that I will not sell--either for personal or copyright reasons.

Why are your prices so high? I can get the LEGO kits in the store for much cheaper.

I have to pay the same prices for LEGO pieces that you do. Then I have to take the time to design and sometimes pay shipping to get the LEGO pieces to me. I also have to include build time.

Can I ask you questions that are related to LEGO building or related to the website?

Sure, megabytes are much cheaper than LEGO :-)

m'kay, What's your email?

If you'd like to reach me, please email me at stripes at brickbox dot com. With all the spam I get, please understand why there's no hyperlink to my email address.

Once I get your email, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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