My LEGO Collection

I've had a couple of people (okay, a lot) ask me where I keep my LEGO collection and how much space it takes up.

I have a good portion of my LEGO sorted mostly by color and brick/plate in the clear plastic bins. The slimmer containers have specialized pieces by type so they're easier to find.

The tubs have an interesting mix of what's in them. Some have animals, some have plants, some have slopes (and I have a lot of slope parts), some have wedges, some have minifigs, and some are just unsorted. Other tubs have my classic space and classic castle stuff.

I have some other LEGO sets that aren't pictured here, and I'd like to get some shelving in at some point to get this better organized. My goal is also to replace a lot of the LEGO tubs with some more clear bins, so I can figure out what's in them easier.

It used to be far worse organized, but now the unsorted are taking up more space than I'd like.

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